12 Principles of Design

#1: Contrast: It is the distinction between voice elements within the layout that makes them stand out from each other.

2. Balance: It can be symmetrical or asymmetrical

3. Emphasis: It causes certain components of the design to stand out

4. Proportion: The size of elements in relation to one another

5. Hierarchy: The importance of elements within a design. The Most importance elements should appear the most.

6. Repetition: For using the same type of elements

7. Rhythm: A space between elements that confer a variety of emotion

8. Pattern: Repetition of Design Elements

9. White Space. White Spaces helps the elements to separate the look less crowded.

10. Movement: It is the way the persons eye travelled through the Design

11. Variety: It prevents the design from becoming monotonous and boring

12. Unity: It is how well the elements work together




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